The word, scam, has such an ugly sound to it. In a world Wolf of Wall Street wannabe’s, telemarketers trying to sell you junk, and pyramid schemes that ruin the financial stability of so many. People are quick to misjudge companies that are taking different approaches to helping people and practicing good business habits. Many people and even government officials are on the watch for these scams. Which people should be aware of, and understand that the majority of interactions that start off by a generic email with no specifics of what actual money you may have are scams.

With 33 billion dollars of unclaimed assets being held by the state treasury, and no official plan of returning all of it. The majority of the public is not aware that 1 in 10 Americans has unclaimed property. Worse, each state combined has only returned 5% of the unclaimed property to the rightful owners since 2006.

Whether states are short-handed due to budget cuts, or simply not conducting strong enough public awareness campaigns, the fact is, the system is not working for those who could use the funds. How will this problem be solved? One simple answer, and that is Claim Researchers working for Lauth Investigations, Lost Assets Division.

With an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating, rightfully returning assets to claimants is anything but a scam for Lauth Investigations. It’s helping return assets and property to the people who rightfully own them.

This is a service position that helps claimants reunite with lost assets. Claim Researchers are contractors for Lauth Investigations, and are properly trained through live or virtual demonstration, description, and interpretation of the necessary steps in helping claimants receive their unclaimed assets.

Claim Researchers will conduct genealogy, call/contact families, and heirs nationwide and assist individuals in utilizing the proper legal format to submit to the holding state, and help prepare required documents to register and defend their claim for settlement. While only receiving 10% commission of how much money they bring back to the claimant.

The Claim Researcher is in essence a guide to help the claimant. They are there every step of the way through the process of getting unclaimed assets back from the State Treasury Department. This service has been well received by many claimants that leave amazing testimonials of the work the Claim Researchers do, as well as Lauth Investigations, Lost Assets Division does.

“The best part is, on average, each claim we return to an individual or heir we have located averages 5-10k, and for struggling families, this is a great influx of cash and could mean paying a mortgage and merely feeding your family,” says Thomas Lauth, CEO and President of Lauth Investigations International, Inc.

The Lost Asset Division is constantly looking for growth and to expand our network of kind, supportive, and professional Claim Researchers to continue helping claimants. The position is a viable, work from home, part time employment opportunity. Employee’s range from stay at home mothers, retired men and women, or someone looking for part time work they can do from home.

Claim Researchers have been and will continue to rightfully return assets to their proper owners, and will never be a “scam”.

By Kim Pasqulalini, Lauth Investigations

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