Congratulations Future Claimant!

If you received a letter from the Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations we are here to help you receive what is rightfully yours. Please know we do not charge any up-front fees and if you are not the rightful heir to the identified asset, we do not charge you anything. Our team is ready to help you. Call 855-544-3463 EXT 3 or email us.


The proof of entitlement to your assets can be a difficult process for families. However, our team of experts are ready to assist you through the process, providing the necessary stream of documentation, research, and investigation to increase proficiency in returning entitlement to you as quickly as state laws permit.


Returned over $15 Million Since 2013

Our team engages talented associates motivated by our mission to return as many assets to rightful owners and heirs as possible. Since 2013, our team has returned more than $15 million to rightful owners and heirs. Are you next?

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98% Success Rate on All Claims

We believe by taking care of our clients, suppliers, partners, communities, and their families we will succeed. Embracing continuous improvement to innovate has enabled us to achieve a 98% success rate on all claims.

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No Up-Front Fees

We love what we do and are passionately driven by a compelling mission to return assets to rightful owners and heirs. We work on a contingency basis only—if we don’t recover the asset, we don’t charge you anything.

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Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigation Firm to Represent You

Private investigators help people recover unknown assets they usually don’t know exist. When considering representation when filing for claim of unrecovered assets, it’s beneficial to work with professionals who are not just familiar with governing laws but comply with federal and state laws holding the assets. Private investigators and their researchers are  familiar with all the legal forms that need to be filed, the proper identification, probate laws, court properties, co-claimants and joint claims, beneficiaries, unredacted wills, death certificates, judicial authority, requirements for claiming personal assets and business assets, etc. For these reasons, experts are able to identify, recover, and return unclaimed assets to the rightful owners and heirs efficiently.

Why Choose The Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations International?

  • Genealogy, Probate, and Estate Solutions Ensure Full Recovery
  • Obtain Worldwide Procurement of Documents & Certificates for You
  • We Locate Heirs Worldwide Saving You Time and Money
  • Utmost Loyalty to Our Claimants Honors Privacy
  • Empowered & Highly Trained Team Uncovers Fullest Amounts
  • Highly Secure Information Gathering Shields Personal Information
  • Strict Confidentiality Practices Honor Family Members’ Wishes
  • Proven Experience Returning $15M+ Since 2013 Ensures Expertise
  • Professional Services Move Your Claim Quickly Ensures Swift Action
  • Previous Work with Fortune 500 Companies & Thousands of Individuals Assures Trust

Our Cultural Principles

  • Facts First, then Solutions
  • Increased Oversight
  • Ongoing Support
  • Recover All Current & Future Unclaimed Assets
  • We Get It Done—Our Testimonials Prove our Results of Returning Over $15 Million
  • Know Your Mission and Provide Results
  • Highest Confidentiality Above All
  • No Ties to any Groups—Just Dedication to Returning Unclaimed Assets to Rightful Owners and Heirs
  • Fortitude for Our Clients
  • Handle Claims with Efficiency and Professionalism

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