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Donate to one of these great causes – LII will match $1 for $1

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Water-borne illnesses are the leading cause of death in the world. Donate to The THIRST PROJECT to help provide clean drinking water for communities in Africa, South America, and Central Asia.
13.1% of the world’s population is hungry. That’s roughly 925 mil. people in the world who are malnourished. Make a donation toINTERFAITH HUNGER Initiative, Inc. to support the fight against hunger nationally and globally.
PRO(ACT) Community Partnerships, Inc. helps underprivileged youth in the Midwest by creating opportunities to become more confident, responsible, peaceful citizens.PRO(ACT)’S mission is to engage youth in public service.
Vector set with signs of love and careMost children who suffer from hearing loss and deafness in developing countries are deprived of education and are not taught to communicate with sign language. Donate to Signs of Love to help bring language and education to deaf youth of the world.
Vector set with signs of love and care$15 provides one night of safety for an adult and 2 children. $60 provides an hour of counseling. Your gift of any amount provides HOPE.” Coburn Place, Inc. provides housing to victims of domestic violence in Central Indiana.
Vector set with signs of love and careMake a donation to The Village Experience to benefit developing communities in the third world. TVE is a socially pro-active business with a mission to uplift impoverished communities in developing countries by means of international trade and tourism.
Lauth Investigations International, Inc. has partnered with these 6 non-profit organizations. Lauth Investigations will match all client donations to these organizations up to $50.