Our Claim Researchers & Case Managers Have The Necessary Training & Support To Rightfully Return Your Lost Assets.

A Lauth Investigations Claim Researchers may assist and collaborate with claimants and heirs in many formats to recover their lost assets.

Here are a few:

  • Claim Researcher may conduct document research for an heir or claimant in search of the proper legal documents for collecting their assets so to successfully resolve and return the Lost Asset.
  • Claim Researcher and our Lost Assets Division Resource Center may locate other estranged heirs that have been lost so to claim their shares and the shares of all heirs.
  • Claim Researcher may help gather and prepare the necessary documentation to register, and, thus support the claim for settlement to the claimant.
  • Claim Researcher, if necessary may provide a professional legal referral such as a local estate lawyer or notary public.
  • Claim Researcher may help research/locate and implement necessary document certification or notarization of docs or court certified approved records.
  • Claim Researchers develop relationships with various entities such as courts, lost property administrators, nationally recognized genealogy experts, licensed investigators, probate lawyers and law firms.

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    • Brownson, C. Noelle


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7026
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)

    • Besancon, Damoun


      P: F: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7015
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: damoun.besancon@lii-returnassets.com

    • Coronado, Romona


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7210
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)

    • Criswell, Petrona


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7043
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: petrona.criswell@lii-returnassets.com

    • Dalzin, Cecelia


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7109
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: cecelia.dalzin@lii-returnassets.com

    • Douglas, Paula R.


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7027
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: paula.douglas@lii-returnassets.com

    • Duval, James


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7149
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)

    • Flanagan, Candace

      Candace Facebook Linked In Photo 3 2016

      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7054
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: candace.flanagan@lii-returnassets.com

    • Fox, Lisa


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7023
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: lisa.g.fox@lii-returnassets.com

    • Gunning, Brian


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7009
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: brian.gunning@lii-returnassets.com

    • Leslie, Dana


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7093
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: dana.leslie@lii-returnassets.com

    • McGinley, Karen


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7144
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: karen.mcginley@lii-returnassets.com

    • Moriarty, Kevin


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7038
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: kevin.moriarty@lii-returnassets.com

    • Moynahan, Eileen


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7005
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: eileen.moynahan@lii-returnassets.com

    • Pina, Corinne


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7064
      F: 855.544.3463

    • Schindler, Cindy


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7050
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: cindy.schindler@lii-returnassets.com

    • Spangler, Stephanie


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7013
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: stephanie.spangler@lii-returnassets.com

    • Thornton, Anita


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7010
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: anita.thornton@lii-returnassets.com

    • Whitehurst, David

      David w

      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7046
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: david.whitehurst@lii-returnassets.com

    • Willette, Ashley


      P: 855.544.3463 Ext. 7014
      F: 855.544.3463 (E-Fax)
      E-Mail: ashley.willette@lii-returnassets.com

    “Be advised, our skilled and trained Claim Researchers contact families and heirs nationwide by phone and Postal Service to assist Claimants by returning assets. If you are in receipt of our personal mailer by Rain Lauth or one of our Claim Researchers, or have received a phone call from a Claim Researcher, then you may be entitled to unclaimed assets or inheritance.”